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 This page is our way of sharing some of the wonderful companies, events, people, achievements and anything else which we have found both amazing and inspiring on our journey so far. 



LightSide Photography are a Cambridge based husband and wife team who we had the pleasure of working with recently and will continue to work with due to their great knowledge, skills and personable qualities.

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Based in Cambridge and servicing areas further afield, we are equipped to meet your individual needs: whether you require portraits (personal, family and PR), weddings, engagements or commercial and product photography. 

Communication is our forte. If you have a firm idea in mind, we’re here to listen and help you achieve it. If you need support working towards the right shoot for you, we will bring our ideas to the table. And if you want to leave it all to us, well, that’s good too. 

We pride ourselves on seeing things from both sides. As a duo, we bring two different perspectives to the table, enabling us to bring a creative edge and a personal atmosphere to your shoot.



isla_280x280.16210099_rtgmexozWe met Dizzy Dolly Lou at the Cambridge Mumpeneur Market over a year ago and loved the products and the person who makes them!  Please take a look at her work!

More Information:

I am a jewellery artist, working in fine silver (99.9% silver as opposed to sterling silver which is only 92.5% silver).

Some of my pieces are 'one off's' but if you see something you like I can tailor it to your requirements, like wise if there is something you have in mind that you dont see please just message me to discuss it further.

Its NOT just for children, its for any loved one! Why not have your mum and dads fingerprints taken as a special keepsake that can be passed on? or your other-halfs special message in their own handwriting? Dizzydollylou is not your avarage keepsake jeweller!!!



alison_hawkesWe are in awe of how brave Alison is and what she is doing to offer her support to other people going through a similar ordeal.  Please check Alison's blog and also have a read of our blog to learn why she is such an amazing person.

More Information:

Alison's website is for any female who is diagnosed with breast cancer as a younger woman and wants to chat or ask any questions about any part of before, during or after their treatment.  "I found it so much easier to talk to other women who had been there and understood exactly how I was feeling.  I am in no way medical trained but just know how it changes your life forever."  






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