Our Mission

Sniffy Wiffy's mission is to increase the number of ladies and gents who know about - and self-check for - the signs & symptoms of breast and testicular cancer.

Because knowing the signs & symptoms should be as familiar as your ABC.

We want to offer our customers high-quality, gorgeous products which are made and delivered with a huge dollop of customer service, while at the same time providing vitally important health information in a forward-thinking, innovative way.

We dream of the day when one of our cancer-awareness products sits proudly on every single bathroom shelf in the UK...and then the world!  Let no bathroom be left un-sniffed!

But... why stop there?

We don't just want to develop Sniffy Wiffy into a household name (as fabulous as that would be) - we think we can do better than that...

We want this to be a business that sprinkles a little bit of sparkle as it navigates its way into the nation's bathrooms.  We therefore pledge to do 2 things every time we sell one of our products to you wonderful people:

  • Donate to charity and
  • Reinvest directly into the Sniffy Wiffy mission with the ultimate aim of reaching ladies & gents in countries far and wide by translating our innovative checking labels into different languages (because cancer doesnt care what language you speak).

Whilst we realise that this is a massive, mighty mission we think it's also a rather marvellous one.  And we won't give up until the day when we can say, with certainty, "mission accomplished".  

Sniffy Wiffy are proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK - the national body for Social Enterprise.  Social Enterprises are businesses with a social or environmental mission.  Please visit their website for more information.